Dispatch and shipping

We believe in simple and clear shipping process for each order placed with us, as all orders are shipped within 24 hours from the time of placement of order except in rare cases.

Courier details would be shared with the customer on email or on SMS within 24 hours from the time of order is placed with us, any delay or information about the order will be update at the time of shipping.

Estimated delivery time of the ordered item may take from 3-5 days depending on the provided pin-code area (in reach or outside courier delivery area) and delivery may take longer than usual time in some cases which will be depending on the area pin-code provided (in such cases we will try our best to get it delivered by choosing apt courier partner for the dedicated pin-code provided).

Product shipment deadline

Orders placed with us will be shipped minimum within 24 hours from the time of order placed with us and in rare cases it might go upto 5 working days maximum (might happen in rare cases only) in such rare events of un-shipped order the order will be cancelled and the amount paid will be refunded (only in prepaid orders).

How we ship orders

Orders placed with us are shipped within the dedicated time allotted of 24 hours from the time of order placed and the order carrier will be one of the reputed courier service provider from India and within working days of week where Sunday is weekly off.

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Cancellation and refunds

Any cancellation request needs to be made within 12 hours from the time of placing the order or if the order is not dispatched for more than 24 hours then it can be done, before the dispatch details (order shipment tracking number) are provided, once order is dispatched cancellation of the same cannot be done and if the customer still wants a refund then the order has to be shipped back and after investigation of the product received is completed and product is found to be in perfect shape as it was sent to the buyer then complete refund would be provided with 24 to 48 hours. COD order refund would be done after we receive the product and complete investigation of product condition is done.

If order is returned due to damage, not working or faulty then after investigation the complete refund with courier charges would be done but if the product found to be as it was sent and customer still wanted to return the product due to some other reason and then only order amount refund would be provided. Also as cases occur in our society and a rare case taken into consideration of false return request then refund might be delayed or eliminated (as per condition of the order packet what is in it and how it is received as a returned packet).