A2Dmotors is committed to protect and secure your information provided and no information is shared with anyone EVER no matter what is the need, once saved in the system it will be only accessible by the rights owner only. All details are well preserved from contact details to order details.    

Limited access of information as required

While accessing the website or at the time of placing the order on our website you may be asked for information like Name, Address, Mailing address, Phone number and other related details which will help us to assist you in best way possible with quicker navigation on what you need or desire, although time to time information may be provide to the rightful personals within the organization only to create data to enhance your experience on the website.

Collection of information is done for?

Collection of information is done on various steps from you (user) like when you register on our website, while placing an order on our website, when you subscribe to a newsletter or enter information on our website. Though IP addresses does not provide any information about anyone’s personal identity but it can help us to provide you a better information on what interests you on the web pages you click, to provide you products of your interests that is where this information helps us to gather the sum of visitors/users on the website with their location and preferences. This information is well protected and preserved with us and no unidentified, unauthorized personal, visitor, any person, organization or party has access to this information nor do we provide the same which is collected by investing so much for our esteemed customers. Any customer can add, edit, or delete their details at anytime from the website by login into their profile.

Protection of customer’s information

We never ask for any type of details like your credit or debit card numbers, periodic scanning of malware and other trouble causing substances are done.

Usage of information provided  

Only information used periodically by us will be your (customer) E-mail ID to inform you about the order packet details e.g. dispatch details, newsletters, deals information, other order related information.