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As per your usage of website or its services provided will and shall signify your acceptance of the usage terms and agreement same would be bounded legally.

Your use of the website will determine that you agree with usage terms.

General Information about website is an internet website portal which is owned by Company Attention To Detail which is incorporated under the laws of India, with its office located at New Delhi, India.

Website requires your registration as a user and by creating a login account in order to purchase from the Website. After completion of online registration you will receive a password and account which will be designated to you. You will be directly responsible for maintaining all the confidentiality of your login account from login id to its password, and will be fully responsible for all activities that will occur from your login account with You agree to (i) Immediately notify of any unauthorized use of your login online account or any other type of security breach, and (ii) A2Dmotors request you to please ensure secure log out at the end of each shopping session. Note for any type of loss or damage which may or may not occur due to your failure to comply with this Section then A2Dmotos cannot and will not be liable.

It is user(your) responsibility to check these terms of usage for any periodic changes may be made by as it may require you to provide your reassurance and acceptance on terms of usage in specific manner before any further usage of the website and services which is provided on or by the website. If no changes are made, then no such new assurance or acceptance would be asked or required your usage will remain uninterrupted.

User function

As you agree to the Website terms of usage you may only use it to express by post or upload information which is accurate. Example and not as a limitation, you agree that when using the Website, you will not:

· You may not Abuse, Harass, Defame, Threaten or violate the legal rights of others in any which way.

· Uploading any type of files which contains software or material protected by intellectual property laws are not allowed to post or upload unless you own or control the rights or have necessary consents from the respective company.

· Downloading any file, review, picture or information posted by any user of a Service that you know, or reasonably should know, cannot be legally distributed in any manner.

· Violation of code of conduct or guidelines laid by the website which are or may be applicable for any specific Service.

· Violation of any terms and conditions of the agreement or any other terms and conditions to use the Website also contains reverse engineering, modifying, copying, distributing, transmitting, displaying, performing, producing, publishing, transfer or sell any information or software obtained from the Website is not permissible.

Criteria of usage

Services of the website are for individuals who are 18 years of age or above and not available to minors under the age of eighteen(18) years if found the user profile will be suspended or removed from the system website of A2Dmotors for any reason.

User account, password, and security

Once user complete the form of required details the a dedicated account/profile would be allotted to the customer (user), You(user) will be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the account and related details like ID and password and will be fully responsible for all activities that may occur under the account dedicated assigned to any individual with includes ID and password of account.

In case of any suspected activity you need to immediately inform A2Dmotors regarding the same to prevent or at least stop any type of suspected, illegal, abusive, fraudulent, etc. which may or may not be in direct relation with the breach of security. We will try with best of our efforts to stop such activities at the earliest.

Pricing and services

We at A2Dmotors believe in give the society back so the prices of our products and services would be most competitive with best quality at disposal of a click.

Usage Terms of Coupons

Coupons also known as e-coupons are made by Attention To Detail and mainly produced to provide benefit to our regular and new customers, though as per the discretion the coupons are generated for the registered users to be used by the registered user only.

Cancelation and termination of coupons can happen at any time without any justification provided to the user as it is the property of Attention To Detail and it has full authority to cancelation or terminate which may or may not include the time and validity of the coupon.

Usage of coupons are to be done by the authorized users are we at Attention To Detail keep a close eye on the usage of such coupons any unauthorized usage may lead to cancellation of coupon at the point of usage or further permanent termination of user account from the website. Please be noted that all coupons have expiry dates and does not come with unlimited usage time period, value of any coupon will be decided as per order value or special discount offered

Payment and placing the order

When placing the order you agree to provide correct and accurate information of your debit or credit card to get the payment done from the gateway in order to receive conformation from the website against the order placed by you(user). You shall never use any debit or credit card which is not owned by you as it is illegal to do so. All the information provided by your of debit or credit card should be accurate and should be used to place an order only, information entered by you on website will not be shared by any individual or third party till it is required for investigate in any case of fraud by law bodies of India

You agree to provide correct and accurate credit/ debit card details to the approved payment gateway for availing products and services on the website. You shall not use the credit/ debit card which is not lawfully owned by you, i.e. in any transaction, you must use your own credit/ debit card. You(user) shall be solely responsible for secrecy and security for the information provided of debit cards, credit cards or profile, we at will not be liable for any issues, loses, unauthorized usage of debit/credit card, misuse of debit/credit card or if any consequence which may or may not arise after usage of debit/credit card.

Please note: We ( will not be liable in whatsoever condition, circumstances related to any type of loss, damage or fraud directly / indirectly for decline of authorization against any transaction associated with the account holder with which can be you or the cardholder having exceeded the limitations agreed with both parties consent mutually by A2Dmotors with bank acquiring information time to time.

Usage terms on products and services

You are also liable only to use this website for proper lawful reasonable purpose, and shall not indulge in any activity that is not conceived acrossthe website.

You may only use this website and any voucher/ coupons provided or purchased through it for personal usage only and any commercial usage of the same by any individual or the party of re-sell the same to any other person, party or entity would be liable for legal proceedings against them(user, users or entity).

Intellectual property rights

Website may consist of may tools, selections, positioning, disposition of interfaces for expression and experience, visuals, videos, pictures, content(written or media e.g. images, videos, sound, music or banner, etc. but not limited), work done is directly interdependent and connected to each other with all the copyrights to owned by Attention To Detail.

Marks like trade mark, logos, webmarks (icons) solely belong to owned by Attention To Detail. Any Individual, Entity(company, Pvt. Ltd. or body) or third Party are not allowed to use trade mark till they have the authorization provided by the brand owner (US).

All the logo marks, services marks, trade mark displayed on the website are property of the Attention To Detail further ( No one is permitted to use the marks displayed on the website without prior consent of Attention To Detail (Authorized Rights Owner of the Trade Mark).

Omitting and distinctly you(user, visitor, browser not limited) acknowledges and agrees to not copy, re-post, display the same, re-publish the same, post the same, translate the same, reproduce the same and shall not distribute the same or any type of content same or copied via any way without seeking and obtaining the required authorization from US Attention To Detail(

Content Mix

The website may or may not make available of few contents obtained from other sources like authorized vendors, dealers, news source, technology sources, advertisements which may or may not include pictures, videos of other or similar products from general external sources also known as “third party content” which may or may not be available to all “please note that all other content provided to you and all would be only used to provide information or make any point clear to you(buyer, user, visitor, browser or any not limited), we at (Attention To Detail) do not take any liability, confirmation or guarantee in order for providing information of any such data which may or may not cause loss to any and Attention To Detail ( will not be liable for any type of loss occurred , suffered by anyinformation due to acknowledging the data provided.

Warranties & Liability

You expressly understand and agree that, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law:

The products, materials, services or suggestion provided by the website (Attention To Detail ) are on as is basis which does not include any warranty, guarantee to the kind of its implied as which includes the warranty of titles, accepted business practice and custom among certain performance artists, particularly clowns, which is the unique performance attributes are proprietary and cannot be used or claimed by another, accord with any statements or characterized by fitness to any specific usage.

Any limiting is not applicable as the preceding without any limiting that isaforesaid andno warranties are made by Attention To Detail about:

The services will meet your requirements from point to point as in required or thought or the usage of the website or its services will or will not be uninterrupted which may be due to error which could be secure or not and free from errors

Quality of the products, services, materials, experiences may or may not meet your expectations and any error, issues, defects of the websites, services, materials, experience will be entertained or corrected. Advice shall not be entertained as the backend team will ensure the smooth functioning of the website as it varies from person to person and people wary from taste and so does the website quality and the experience of the website, services or other materials will meet your expectations

As per the permissible law limit we at (Attention To Detail) will not be liable for any issue which may or may not arise related to content, intellectual property rights, privacy, publicity, filth or other laws, Attention To Detail

To make sure usage authenticity of the account made by individual, party, business or any(any person, business, entity, or, company),such users itself will be liable and accountability for the accountmade on and Attention TO Detail will be not be liable for any loss that may or may not occur in any consequence due to unwanted/unauthorized usage of user account and its information stored in the account which is made by you (user) on and with the website and with the related entities. We would like to make it simple and clear toall our clients that all the information providedon the websiteis correct and no products, services, materials, products, information comes with awarranty,neither authorize nor makes any representations regarding the quality, accuracy or completeness of any data, information, product or service provided. Also that at the time of website maintenance, the website will not be operational and will be counted as down time of the website for maintenance or upgrade hence, Attention To Detail will not be responsible for unavailability of the website due to technical issue, maintenance or due to any update/upgrade, in the above mentioned information one(user/browser) may face problem in accessing the account made on the website, unable to use website to its full capacity, visuals(graphics, images, videos and not limited) may disappear or might fluctuate in the time of maintenance or upgrade all this is and will be not in full control of Attention To Detail.Hence, it shall be not deemed responsible for the same as user agrees to the terms and conditions and understands that information material, data gained from the website will be at their own risk and Attention to Detail will not be liable for any type of damage, loss or error which may or may not occur after browsing, downloading or copying any information in from of data, image, graphic, video, audio or any.


You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless, Attention To Detail from and against any claims and any toall losses, liabilities, damages, costs and expenses (including legal fees and disbursements in connection therewith and interest chargeable thereon) asserted against or incurred by Attention To Detail that arise out of, result from, or may be payable by probityof, any miss-conduct, non-performance of any representation, warranty, covenant or agreement made or obligation and including intellectual property rights to be performed by you pursuant to these terms.

Violation of the usage terms

You agree and understand that AttentionTo Detail may in its sole authority and with or without prior notice may not or mayeliminate your access of the website, account on website and block as and if Attention To Detail finds that you have violated any terms of usage of the website mentioned.

As understood and agreed by you that any type of violation done by you of usage terms which is direct conation with Attention To Detail website like unfair practice of business or causing any type of damage to the website by any means will lead to law action against you for not following the usage terms and causing harm to the Name, Business, Reputation, Brand and not limited.

Also to be added as per your understanding and agreement Attention To Detail holds complete authority to restrict your access to the website under the following circumstances (and not limited):

-If requested by law governing bodies, government agencies or other government as law.

-On request by you(user) for elimination of the account made on the website also known as self initiation to delete the website account.

-Due to any unexpected technical glitch not limited.

As per the usage terms of the website Legal action can be taken against you if any misconduct or harmful act is observed by any means from your(user, browser or entity), in such cases Attention To Detail is capacitated to recover from you and you agree to provide the monetary fee(Pay) as applicable as per Attention To Detail not only limited to the recovery of the loss all the legal fees and all other overheads will be paid by you as actuals asked in such cases.

All usage terms are subject

These terms and conditions are as per Indian laws and any unlawful activity, discrepancy or disputes not limited will be handled as per the jurisdiction of the courts in situated only in New Delhi (India).