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Accessories for Alto 800 in 2020

Maruti Suzuki Alto has become a remarkable figure of the Indian automotive scene, with one of the longest production runs for a model name and still clocking huge sale figures despite an increasing rivalry with the introduction of Renault Kwid, Hyundai Eon, Datsun Redigo and other such compact city cars in the city cars. It still maintains prowess in its segment. The well-known Alto 800 carries clues from two recognizable cars, the Alto and the 800.

Alto was launched for India in 2000, 20 years ago! With the passing years, it has formed a significant bond with the Indian customers. With this bond, people have willingly customized the cars to their taste using a variety of tasteful accessories for their cars.

With the need for its accessories still prominent, people find it difficult sometimes to find high-quality accessories for their beloved car, which is exactly what we sell at A2D. We have an inventory of some of the best quality accessories for your car, with ensured reliability and high performance in all conditions.

Head on to to find the best of what you need for your cars. Also, we are running attractive discounts but for a limited time only, so don’t miss your chance to have the best of the best.

To save your time, here are some of the famous accessories for Alto:


Type R Horn











Our Type Horn with its long-range audibleness helps people stay alert and hence prevent potential accidents or mishaps.

Drink Holder










This product is designed to hold your drink in the toughest of situations while also keeping in check space due to its foldable nature.

2.5 COB Car Fog Light











Designed to have a simple yet effective look, combined with capable functionality. Integrates neatly with your car, and also works as a catchy turn signal.

Lumber Support











Designed to provide you with the best of rest for your lower and upper back, be it any road, any traffic, or anytime.

Velvet Border Bead Seat









The product is well capable of providing comfortable support for your back and thighs whilst also acting as a natural massager for your back and at the same time preventing the gathering of sweat.

Roof Antenna

The roof antenna is a mix of beautiful form with a capable range to keep you entertained while maintaining the appeal of your car.

Bumper Guards

With our bumper guards, we ensure the best of protection to your bumpers in the tight traffics and keep their sheen intact.

Door Guards

With our door guards, your doors stay in perfect shape, also keeping your paint prevented from scratching. Designed to not only be functional, but equally aesthetic as well.

Parking Sensors











An ever-important product to help avoid collisions while reversing, our parking sensor with its precise and quickly responsive functioning will ensure that your bumpers stay in shape.

Backlight Strip












With its clean and beautiful appeal, your car will never miss out on an added safety feature and beautiful addition to its design, also being creatively integrated with turn signals and hence an added functionality.

Tow Cables

A product to help your buddy when stuck, no matter how much the load is.

Happy Shopping 🙂

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